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Final Fantasy VII: My Animation!

2008-10-12 17:49:28 by DarkOtaku

One year in the making, probably about a collective week (or two) of solid animating. Frame by frame, minute by minute. It's done!

Go watch my animation! XD

Also, join my forums...

Final Fantasy VII: My Animation!


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2008-10-12 19:20:02

the frame by frame animation was impresive and the humor . . . oh the humor its so funny. It makes me feel better when I see the red water come out of people. lol.


2008-10-13 06:53:03

"did we really have to kill him? it doesn't matter this is a horrible side plot anyway"
nice flash submission impressive work


2008-10-13 15:35:15

Congrats on your first trophy.